Since its establishment, I.C.T has adhered to the R&D orientation and continued to use new technologies as the company’s R&D direction. At present, it owns R&D team of 15 people, including SMT reflow oven as a representative of intelligent manufacturing thermal equipment, has reached the international top level, and began to deploy in 2016.

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Smart Storage Rack

  • Part 1: Solution overview
  • 1. Cloud to End control (Cloud—Server, End— Storage Rack, Handheld PDA)
  • 2. Mul purpose storage
  • 3. Data flow
  • 4. Traceability
  • Part 2:Detailed Description
  • 1. Classified warehouse: general warehouse (first class warehouse, existing) centralized warehouse (second class warehouse, new) smt line side warehouse (third class warehouse, new).
  • 2. Digitalization: collect data with barcode of material tray, control by system, issue, pick or load materials by cycle, work order and material loading table.
  • 3. Efficient flow: intelligent software and hardware assistance, fool type quick take, put or reload, AGV car automatic transportation, accurate and efficient.
  • 4. Traceability: add operator ID management, record opera on log, responsibility traceability, destination traceability, quantity change traceability