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FAI n=1 Checker

Quickly and reliably inspects confirmation boards before starting mass production. Supporting speedy mass production launch


Reduces the time required for pre-mass production confirmation work. Achieving reli- able inspection through automation

  • • Increased speed Detect mounting defects on prototype boards in a short time, supporting faster and smoother production start-up.
  • • Preventing mistakes This prevents mistakes during the first lot and production changeovers, contributing to improved productivity on the mounting line.
  • • Inspection results Inspection results are automatically recorded and can be used as various quality data.
  • • Automatically measure impedance. Check whether the correct parts are installed by checking against the data.
  • • Supports visual inspection by photographing the mounting state with a camera and displaying directional marks for verification, model letters, etc. on the display.
Having a tool like Newly N=1 Checker helps us gather data and make decisions regarding lessons learned, enabling us to implement continuous improvements in the first article release process. It also aids in identifying recurring errors and issues in the manufacturing process.
  • N=1 Medium (M)
  • Dimensions: 2.2’W x 2.6’D x 2.1’H
  • Teste Area: X:13” ; Y: 9.8”
  • Max. Component height: 0.54 above PCB surface
  • N=1 Large (L)
  • Dimensions: 2.8’W x 3.2’D x 2.1’H
  • Teste Area: X:20” ; Y: 15”
  • Max. Component height: 0.54 above PCB surface