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Conformal Coating Valves


  • Excellent spray control for high-viscosity materials up to 10,000 mPa (s)
  • Compatible uses for UV materials, silicones, and epoxies categorized as VOC-free material
  • Controlled spraying without splattering


  • For the application of thin-film coating material in clearly defined patterns
  • Square-cut carbide nozzle reduces clogging and increases reliability
  • Large area coverage with low flow rates

Diaphragm Valves


  • Compact size and lightweight construction allows for easy installation
  • Fluid flow control through graduated manual adjustment.
  • UHMW polymer wetted chamber and diaphragm valve is suitable for reactive materials


  • Positive shut off valve using a piston and diaphragm valve combination.
  • Unique fluid chamber design eliminates trapped air bubbles
  • Designed for low to medium viscosity fluids


  • Extremely small design (length: 63.2mm weight:85g)
  • Positive shut off valve through unique piston and diaphragm design.
  • Low maintenance design for millions of cycles.

Needle Valves


  • Adjustable fluid flow control for micro deposits as small as 0.001cc
  • Operation unaffected with entrapped air in fluids
  • Drip-free needle valve designed for millions of cycles


  • Consistent microdots with a variety of assembly fluids
  • Fluid volume is adjustable using finely graduated micrometer control
  • Drip-free needle valve designed to be used with 22 to 33 gauge precision dispensing tips

Spray Valves


  • Consistent low pressure, low volume spraying of coatings
  • Nozzle air and fluid flow rates are adjustable
  • No overspray, no misting due to controlled atomizing of fluids into fine droplets


  • Excellent spray control for high-viscosity materials up to 30,000 mPa · s
  • Compatible uses for high viscosity materials such as silicon, UV materials, epoxies, or grease
  • Controlled spraying without splattering

High Pressure Spool Valves


  • Designed to withstand high pressure dispensing of fluids (up to 17.2MPa)
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Simplified maintenance using rugged spool valve design

Piston Valves


  • Positive shut off for dispensing of medium to high viscosity fluids
  • Pullback movement for clean cut off of greases and silicones
  • Excellent chemical resistance from unique UHMW polymer diaphragm sealing head


    • Adjustable fluid flow control for high speed filling operations
  • Pullback action for clean cut off of low to high viscosity fluids
  • Stainless-steel fluid chamber resists most aggressive fluids

Valves Controllers

SVC720V Standard Valve Controllers

  • Ensures consistent, precise volume control for high precision dispensing valves

SVC620S Spray Valve Controller

  • All digital display ensures versatility and flexibility for precise spray control


  • Directly controls SV91CD to provide dot, spray or line dispensing patterns


  • Fast response pneumatic solenoid maximizes dispensing performance of SV70