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Anti-fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat

The use of anti-static and anti-fatigue mats in PCB manufacturing areas offers numerous benefits: it prevents electrostatic discharges, protects electronic components, ensures personnel safety, minimizes financial risks due to damages, optimizes work efficiency by reducing fatigue, provides thermal insulation, preserves floor integrity, enhances ergonomics, and ensures regulatory compliance. These mats contribute to a more reliable, efficient, and secure production.

The Anti-fatigue Mat is the most widely used floor mat. A safety and comfortable mat can improve employee health index and relieve fatigue, guarantee the working efficiency.

  • Material: 3 layers structure, surface is hegh strength PVC, middle layer is EPDM foam, bottom layer is conductive rubber.
  • Size: 610x910x18mm, 610x450x18mm, other size can be customized.
  • Max. length: 15m Max. Width: 0.4-1.2m Thickness: 9-40mm
  • Color: Black or Black & Yellow.
  • Surface resistance: 108 – 109Ω (PVC)
  • Material: Nitrile Rubber Buna (NBR)
  • Size: 910*910*12.5mm (can be connected together)
  • Oil resistance, abarsion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, resistant to chemicals. Suit for wet oil area.
  • Color: Black
  • Surface resistance: 108 – 109Ω (PVC)