After developing the first Chip mounter in 1989, Hanwha
Precision Machinery has become a leading worldwide
Smart Factory solutions provider, offering Surface Mount
Technology (SMT) mounters, semiconductor equipment,
insertion and assembly automation equipment, Machine
Tool, industrial automation equipment, and integrated
software solutions.

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Screen Printer

US-2000X / US-2000XQ / US7000X


The unique ESE printing table features four ball screws and three LM guides. This design precisely and firmly positions and supports the print table, allowing even squeegee pressure across the entire width of the print table and resulting in an accuracy of 12.5 microns and wet printing repeatability 25.5microns @ 6 sigma



The automatic screen and stencil printing system US-8500X based on Standard US-X platform was developed to cover LED, LCD and much larger substrate up to 850mm.

US- LX1, LX3, LX5


ESE vision system features an up/down CCD camera and four separate LED rings—three for the PCB and one for the stencil— for simultaneous recognition of PCB and stencil fiducial marks, as well as automatic 2-D paste inspection. The highly accurate system recognizes any type of mark, including custom marks that can be created by the user.



  • US-2000XT Cover Lifting Unit
  • SIP substrate

This special designed unit can ensure the good printing with detaching a cover stablyof PCB transport JIG (plate).



  • US-2000BP Top Align kit with Align unit
  • For Flip Chip, Strip type board

US-2000BP is an optimized printer for Chip printing to be transported by Boat With one alignment system, many Chips can be printed and this special designed system can lead Maximized productivity



  • SPS-3000 Align Module
  • For Flip Chip

SPS printer has this special designed module for 2 array or 4 array and each individual Vacuum unit alignment system can make a high accurate printing quality for Chips on Boat

US-2000XH / US-2000FA / US-2000XF


US-2000FX and US-2000FA printer integrates leading edge and All ESE advanced technology. First innovate model US-2000FA was developed to run the printer without mask stencil & support plate changing.