Model: IR E6 – E3 – E2 – E1

PDR Rework models incorporate advanced technologies that ensure unparalleled precision in component rework and repair. Wheter you’re dealing with complex BGA packages or intricate SMT components, our systems deliver exceptional results, minimizing the risk of errors and rework.

Time is a valuable asset in the electronics industry. With our PDR Rework models, you can significantly increase your productivity and reduce downtime. Thanks to their user-friendly interfaces and efficient design, operators can quickly master the systems, leading to faster and more accurate repairs.

PDR Rework models are designed with versatility in mind, allowing you to handle various types of components, board sizes, and production scenarios. From small-scale repairs to large-scale projects, our models seamlessly adapt to your needs.

Model: IR E6
Model: IR E3
Model: IR E2
Model: IR E1

Our PDR Rework models are fully compatible with lead-free soldering, ensuring industry standards compliance and a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

We understand the significance of reliable equipment to maintain smooth production lines. PDR Rework models are constructed with robust materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure enduring performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Investing in PDR Rework models translates to long-term savings. With fewer rework errors, reduced material waste, and increased productivity, you will experience a substantial return on your investment.