DediProg not only provide dedicated solutions for high-efficiency equipment for production but also offer engineering development by continuously investing in technologies and quality control.

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Programming Systems



  • DP3000-G3 automated IC chip device programming system is the third generation of DP3000. It is able to support CSP packages as well as small size packages. DP3000-G3 supports different input/output peripherals, like tube, tape, and tray, to provide an overall solution for IC chip device programming with more advanced features.
  • DP3000-G3 supports all kinds of IC families, such as EEPROM, NAND/NOR FLASH, MCU, eMMC, and UFS, etc. It is able to expand up to 96 programming sites, which will keep the high throughput even when handling the high-density memory, like NAND Flash, eMMC, and UFS.