AOI Inspection system / AOI VT-S1080

Eliminate customer complaints completely with intelligent solutions.

We innovate to improve the quality of optical inspections

OMRON unique patents in the optical inspection industry (MDMC) position OMRON as a leading innovator in the industry.
All AOI equipment features Pick and Place feedback as well as the traceability required by Industry 4.0.

OMRON implements artificial intelligence in all its inspection equipment to reduce false rejects and help the programmer to make his programs more efficient and user-friendly.

OMRON combines its patented illumination and camera technology, which allows us to less hardware to obtain a superior image quality, and will require less storage capacity on your servers.

OMRON's patented 3D remanufacturing helps us achieve zero-defect products.

Equipped with proprietary MDMC (Multi Direction/Multi Color Phase Shift) illumination, the system achieves highly robust and reliable inspection performance.

(Multi Direction/Multi Color) Ilumination

3D Imaging

Multi-directional,  3D Imaging

Imaging using MPS
(Micro Phase Shift) tecnique.

Example of high-precision weld shape reconstruction.x