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OMRON VT-X750 features the fastest 3D automatic X-ray inspection 3D automatic X-ray inspection (computed tomography), capable of capable of splitting a single weld joint into 300 transverse slices for individual versal slices for individual measurements and analysis.

In monetary terms, the OMRON VT-X750 offers tangible benefits by detecting and segmenting the weld joints. tangible benefits by quickly detecting and segmenting defects such as “head in pillow”. defects such as “head in pillow” or Voids, allowing timely corrective action to be taken and and other defects reach your customers. In addition, by assuring the quality of your PCBs, you will strengthen the confidence of your customers. Moreover, by assuring the quality of your PCBs, you will strengthen your customers’ confidence and improve your reputation. your customers’ confidence and enhance the quality of your products.

OMRON’s unique 3D-CT reconstruction algorithms provide a tool that will enable you to obtain a Void measurement. to obtain a Void measurement.

Visualize Solder Joint Strength



BGA, 3D rendering Image