Omron’s proven inspection systems and enhanced soft- ware tools help manufacturers get closer to defect-free production.

Omron inspection machines, with high-throughput, x-ray-based inline solutions, can address a variety of PCB applications.

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Advanced software algorithms com-bined with a high-resolution 5um camera make the VP9000 capable of repeatable solder paste measure-ments with 2% accuracy. Through the intuitive and completely offline programming interface, users can also make changes to an inspection with-out stopping production. The re-al-time feedback function also allows the machine to communicate with a screen printer and correct potential problems with the stencil, before de-fects are created.


VT-S530 AOI pre/post reflux Machine

With the ability to perform pre- or postreflow inspections, handle large format samples, and optional dual-lane configuration, the VT-S530 works in any production environment. Integrated 3D and 2D inspection technologies ensure every solder joint while adhering to IPC industry standards. Additionally, Omron’s completely offline programming and review software ensures the least amount of process interruptions.

VT-S1080 All-in-one Pre and Post Reflow Machine

The Omron VT-S1080 3D all-in-one features the most advanced combination of Omron’s innovative AI-assisted technology to focus on the critical solder joint inspection process. Flexible capabilities and a quantitative inspection approach that meets IPC (Industrial Process Controller) standards help ensure the quality and reliability of your products. Omron’s powerful offline productivity and data analysis tools provide effective means to operate more efficiently, reduce skill level requirements, and achieve true process improvement.


As Omron’s most capable automatic optical inspection system, the VT-S730 uses 3D image projectors and 5 optical cameras to inspect every angle of every component and terminal. Detailed quantitative measurements adhere to IPC industry standards and ensure each solder joint is of the highest quality. Omron’s offline scheduling, review station and process monitoring software minimize production downtime and highlight production trends.

VT-X750 TV AXI Machine

The fastest automatic 3D CT (Computed Tomography) X-Ray inspection, with 3um resolution, capable of diving a single solder joint into hundreds of cross sections for individual measurements and analysis.
A high-resolution 3D CT scan with the VT-X750 reconstructs hidden solder joints in hundreds of cross sections in a matter of seconds. The ability to isolate individual layers (BOT/TOP) allows automatic inspection algorithms to measure a variety of features without shadowing or interference from components on the opposite side (including Head-in-Pillow and void defects). Omron’s offline programming and repair software also reduces the need to stop production and allows users to make adjustments on the fly.