PDR cenX X-Ray Systems 90p - 130p

Ultra High-Perfomance High Resolution Image Quality Compact X-Ray System

Introducing the revolutionary X-ray inspection solution for PCB assembly.

The GENX series X-ray systems by PDR bring 2D and 3DTS (VectorNav) X-ray technology in a smaller, more powerfull cabinet form factor design. It’s a compact design capable of capturing X-ray images of PCB up to 21″ /53cm in size.

PDR’s X-ray sources are high-performance and maintenance-free, utilizing advanced closed-tube designs to provide years of stable perfomance.

PDR offers 90/100/130 kV solutions according to your requirements, or as your needs change, a simple tube source switch can provide additional power.

Combined with PDR’s flat panel detector systems (high-resolution 16-bit FPD with 65K grayscale), the tube and FPD are perfectly matched, calibrated, and tested to deliver PDR customers an exceptional X-ray penetration and imaging solution for high-fidelity PCB images.


Intelligent X-ray Software

PDR’s X-ray software is user-friendly, easy to navigate, intuitive, and provides powerfull tools to support your X-ray program.

  • Use PDR’s reporting generator to pass/fail inspections in the automated 5-axis setup or in manual mode.
  • Detect vacuum uniformity, vacuum percentage, sphere or quadrant in BGAs, QFNs, and leaded devices like QFPs.
  • PDR provides a comprehensive library of image enhancement tools when needed to produce high-quality X-ray images.