Omron has more than 80 years of industry experience, offering a full range of SPI, AOI and AXI systems that are easy to use and provide fast generation of inspection programs. Its enhanced software tools help manufacturers move closer to defect-free production, Omron’s inspection machines, with high-throughput, X-ray-based, in-line solutions, can address a variety of PCB applications.”

Quickly and reliably inspects confirmation boards before starting mass pro-
duction. Supporting speedy mass production launch

Reduces the time required for pre-mass production confirmation work.
Achieving reliable inspection through automation

Provides PCB assembly solutions, places components on the electronic boards, the advantage of using this equipment with the competition is the best price of owning, offers a low maintenance cost with only 8 hr per head for a shift for 365 days , metal nozzles for a longer life cycle, compliance with level 4 of medical and military traceability (industry 4.0), and flexibility of models for different applications