Supplier of production machinery for the electronics industry

in Mexico and the United States

Solutions of the optimization of processes in the electronic sector

We help the manufacturing industry, especially the electronics sector, with technological solution of SMT, thought hole, wave soldering, disperser, conformal coating, process, programming of peripheral and electrostatic devices, from world-renowned brands, for the automation of their processes and consulting, and thereby achieve an improvement in productivity, as well as the reduction of operating costs.

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Catalogue of available product and technologies

Equipment for process automation

We provide products and equipment designed for the automation, management and control of electronic component manufacturing processes for various industrial sectors.

Use of leading-edge tecnology

SMTVYS technology makes it easy to assemble your parts and components with the best quality, low production cost.

Supply of spare parts for manufacturing equipment

SMTVYS, in all our locations, we have large stock of spare parts. This inventory helps manufacturing companies minimize the risk of downtime while the part is being replaced. In some cases, the spare part can be delivered the same day that it has been requested from our sales department.

Optimized inventory

We offer an inventory optimized for the particular case of each electronic parts manufacturer, wich avoids having spare products in the plant, wich re-pudeces the available space.


We know that investment in production machinery is high, thus our spare parts ensure that production reliability is maintained.

Simplified Process

Our mode of operation allows you to have the parts available in the shortest possible time. We have a trained staff to fully understand what you need and when you need it.


We introduce our business partners in México and the United States.


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